Neodymium Magnets



Neodymium is the latest family of permanent magnets, It is also known as NdFeB. Through partial substitutions and changes in the composition mix, various grades of magnet with specific magnetic properties and resistance temperatures are obtained.

Compact Design

The applications are those in which excellent magnetic properties are required together with reduced component dimensions.

High performance

Neodymium Iron Boron magnets are widely used in many applications since they offer the best magnetic performance. The magnets are generally subjected to surface coating treatment In order to protect them from oxidation, the magnets are provided with the most suitable coating for the specific purpose.


  • Electric Motors
  • Alternators
  • Wind Power Generators
  • Sensors
  • MRI
  • ABS Systems
  • Magnetic Bearings
  • Magnetic Separation Equipment
  • Magnetic Lifting Systems
  • Relays